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Detox - March Special

Detox - March Special
This is the beginning of a great start in your life! Consultations about the benefits – how to reboot and rejuvenate! This journey with me will last 4 hours depending on flow. 2 x Organic, Seasonal and Cold Pressed Juices, 2 x Wheatgrass – tini’s, 2 x Vegetable Broth, Herbal...

Molasses - Health or Waste product

Molasses - Health or Waste product
Molasses is being marketed as a health food product, high in nutrients. But molasses is actually a waste product. It is a by-product of sugar cane being processed into refined white sugar. The rationale behind selling it as a health product is that all the nutrients stripped away during the...

I feel worse, is detox or die-off the cause?

I feel worse, is detox or die-off the cause?
Surely one of the most challenging aspects of natural healing is that one might feel worse before getting better. Many people then become despondent and give up altogether. It is thus important to understand why the initial adverse symptoms are happening and moreover, how to overcome them. The words detox...

Real Health

myHealing Protocol is built upon the three pillars of health:

optimising nutritional status
minimising toxicity
managing stress