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Effective COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines

Effective COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines
by Heidi N du Preez These guidelines are based on extensive research, which is explained in this video and a more in-depth scientific peer-reviewed publication (unpublished to date). Latest evidence indicates that COVID-19 appears to be a disease associated with epithelial and endothelial dysfunction and disruption of barrier functions, which may underlie the...

The Farmer is the Doctor of the Future

The Farmer is the Doctor of the Future
Decline of Nutrients in Soils and Foods, and the Role of Nutrients A SUMMARY AND ANALYSIS OF THE LITERATURE   Written by Kent Yeatman   healthy soil  -  healthy plants  -  healthy animals  -  healthy humans  Over the past few decades various studies have indicated that nutrients...

Why anti-inflammatory drugs are contraindicated in COVID-19 - revised

Review Article - revised version Heidi N du Preez   Abstract Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) are complex linear, negatively charged polysaccharides, expressed at the cell surface, and in the extracellular environment, where they interact with various molecules to regulate many cellular processes implicated in health and disease. Subversion of GAGs is a...

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myHealing Protocol is built upon the four pillars of health:

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minimising toxicity
managing stress