MyHealing Protocol - we are passionateWe sincerely care about people and their health, and strive to make an impact on global health and wellbeing. We’ve been there ourselves and understand the ramifications of poor health all too well.  We know that being ill affects your quality of life, and daily tasks become challenging. So, we relate to what you are going through and want to share our message of hope, and more importantly, help prevent future illness and devastation to you and your families.

In her personal capacity, Heidi du Preez currently consults with 3 to 5 clients per day, but through “myHealing Protocol” we can reach more people in a cost effective manner.

Additionally, the proceeds from this website will support Heidi’s PhD research to further and foster her ground-breaking work. Her aim is to make the world a healthier place, which she believes will change the face of medicine for good.


"The art of life is not to be perfect in any specific sphere of life, but rather to aspire to a perfect balance between all spheres!" - Heidi du Preez