We don’t live in the ancestral dark ages, hence we never advocate extreme or fad diets, nor futuristic “Frankenstein” foods. We provide sound, simple advice, based on common sense that is deeply rooted in formal science.

The products that we stock are cautiously and carefully selected for their therapeutic properties to ensure that you experience optimal benefits. We are passionate about providing a wide variety of healing and wellness-creating products, as well as cost-effective resources for permanent healing in our constant endeavour to adding value to your life.

We empower you to gain back your health! It is an easy, intelligent, do-it-yourself approach.  Thus, it is important to realise that true, sustainable healing lies inside you… and only you can unlock it!  We are here to guide, inspire and support you through this healing and health-giving process.

MyHealing Protocol

Our philosophy is simple… address the root underlying causes of disease, which are:

  • nutritional deficiencies
  • toxicity
  • stress

In most cases it is a combination of all three, often dealt with in an order of whichever needs the most attention first.  This site is not about quick fixes, empty promises or miracle cures…. but about hope, transformation and permanent healing!