Ultimate Rewind (toxin removal system)

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Ultimate Rewind (toxin removal system)

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Rewind is a detoxicant. Daily use of Rewind assists the body in eliminating toxins which include heavy metals, effects of air pollution and a myriad of pollutants found in food and our environment. Rewind is able to penetrate every cell in the body, therefore no toxin is out of reach.

Clinoptilolite, a Zeolite is the active ingredient together with pure water that is administered via oral spray atomizer. Rewind is processed without the use of chemicals or any artificial additives resulting in nano particles which reside within the water molecule. These miniscule particles enter the cells during hydration whereby cationic exchange withdraws positively charged toxins.

Rewind – consists of only 2 ingredients, Purified Clinoptilolite and Purified Water. No other ingredients are added. The finished product is to a large degree self-sanitizing.


Rewind 30 ml Atomizer spray container delivers about 200 sprays.
Dosage starts at 1 spray sublingually (under the tongue) or in the mouth if sublingual is not possible (in the morning).
After 4 or 5 days increase to 2 sprays per day. One in the morning and one about 6 hours before bed time. Slowly build up to 5 sprays per day. Three in the morning and 2 at night.  

Should Rewind not be administered for a few days no deleterious effects will ensue.


Rewind should not be administered within 6 hours before or after chronic medication ingestion. Consult your Health Care Professional if in doubt.

Side effects:

The response to Rewind can be varied and divergent. As an example, it might cause diarrhoea in one person and constipation in another. Someone else might experience no effects whatsoever. Age and body mass also determine the response. A child might carry a similar toxic load to an adult therefore will display a more acute response. The effects below do not constitute a complete list of what might or might not be expected but are a sign that the body is responding the way it should. If required, the effects may be mitigated by reducing the dose for a few days. Should you however choose to persist with the regular dose these adverse effects will pass in a few days. This is normal and a sign that detoxing is taking place.

Below is a list of reactions that might or might not occur:

Eye contact initiated – specific to ASD/Autism
Speech explosions – Specific to ASD/Autism
Perhaps tantrums and inexplicable crying
Energy – Best to administer in the morning and or 6-7 hours before bedtime
Improved concentration – More alert in the morning
Mood swings
Emotional outbursts
Improved gut health
Flu Like symptoms – Sweating
Diarrhoea or Constipation
Dehydration – consume extra water as required. Toxins exit via water
Night sweats
Ezcema - Skin rashes
Joint pain relief
Improved appetite
Runny nose