Advanced pH Balance

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  • Advanced pH Balance


Advanced pH Balance

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Metabole pH Balance provides a high concentration of potassium bicarbonate which rapidly restores the pH of blood to correct levels and draws the hydrogen ions from intracellular fluids and body cells, restoring pH of the body as a whole.

  • Helps to restore the pH of blood to normal levels thereby preventing both acidosis and alkalosis
  • Restores the pH of the intracellular fluids surrounding the cells as well as the cells themselves by removing hydrogen ions, thereby correcting the pH of the whole body
  • Provides a source of potassium ions which are normally deficient in modern Western diets
  • No added preservatives, colourants, flavourants, sugar, salt or dairy products
    buffer systems

Serving size: 2 level scoops (7.5g)

Ingredients Amounts per serving % RDA
Calcium citrate 345mg ***
Calcium hydrogen phosphate 628mg ***
Chromium 50 micro milligram ***
Kelp 50mg ***
Magnesium hydrogen citrate 1037mg ***
Magnesium hydrogen phosphate 1032mg ***
Potassium bicarbonate 1000mg ***
Potassium citrate 400mg ***
Rosehip powder* 100mg ***

* Full potency herb

*** % RDA not yet established

Take 1-2 level scoops daily or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.