Heidi du Preez is a professional registered Scientist, specialising in Nutritional Biochemistry. She obtained a masters degree in Food Science in 1995. Heidi has been working in the arena of Functional Medicine since 1999. She is currently in the process of registering for a doctorate in Clinical Medicine. Her area of specialisation is sulfur metabolism.
Heidi runs a private practice in Cape Town, South Africa and consults online. She follows a functional approach, applying the principles of Precision Medicine or Personalised Medicine, which is based on the concepts of Nutritional Therapy. Heidi is a true scientist who needs to understand WHY and HOW, especially when it pertain to human physiology. She follows a systems biology approach, therefore connecting the dots... taking into account the interplay between physical and mental / spiritual, deficiency and toxicity, genetic and conditioning, stress and relaxation. There is no cookie cutter approach to real health and healing. Heidi treats the person, not the disease.
She specialises in integrative oncology, environmental illness, heavy metal toxicity, digestive disorders, mood and neurological diseases and systemic candidiasis. She is the co-author of the health recipe book Naturally Nutritious Wholefood Cookbook and the co-founder of myHealing. To consult with Heidi du Preez, visit here

Chantel Arends  With over a decade of experience in the media industry and specifically operations, Chantel’s knowledge and skill set will drive the overall customer experience. As a previous client of the practice, she not only understands the importance of integrative healthcare but she also lives it in her own personal life. In line with Heidi’s philosophy, she is passionate about educating people and bringing awareness to health solutions. 

Due to her own health journey, she not only has a better understanding, but knows exactly what the psychological impact is of dealing with an unknown condition and feeling completely helpless. This is why her first-hand knowledge lends itself to paving the way for a more wellness conscious and solution based health quest. Chantel’s role within the practice will be to streamline the customer care experience and guide your overall health journey.