Heidi du Preez

My story does not differ much from other ‘alternative’ health practitioners. I became very ill when I was thirty and had to find my own answers to health and recovery – the medical fraternity could not help me.

Let me start at the beginning… we all have a timeline to our story. My mom had two miscarriages before I was born. She had to stay in bed for the 9 months being pregnant with me, tranquilised on Valium (diazepam). I came into the world with severe withdrawal symptoms and was exposed to the whole battery of vaccinations and antibiotics for ear, nose and throat infections.

At the age of two a car drove ‘over’ my head. Yes, no kidding… The car was reversing, when it stopped, the wheel was on top of my head. Fortunately the car drove forward again when the driver realised what happened. I was unconscious and there was no skin left on the side of my face for any stitches. Today, the only scar that remains is the psychological reality of growing up with a scarred face. I am fortunate that the scar eventually disappeared under my hair line, but a neuroma ultra-sensitive to any movement or touch remained.

I broke my front tooth in the swimming pool at the age of 12. It lead to numerous dental procedures. From operations, crowns, root canal, implants to orthodontic work. My system completely rejected a titanium implant. I eventually had to get a zirconium bridge. At the time, I went through immense emotional trauma and moved abroad to the UK on a holiday working visa – living below the bread line for three years. An imbalanced diet, stress and contracting food poisoning in Morocco, all eventually lead to severe systemic candidiasis. It resulted in endocarditis and I was really very ill. I was so chronic fatigued that I could not lift my arm from the side of my body. At this stage I’d started my studies in Naturopathy in the UK, but had to return to my home country (South Africa) due to illness. I could not complete my studies. However, I realised God is taking me through ‘the University of life’ instead. Today, I can relate so much better to my clients, understanding what they are going through. My own health journey created a hunger in me to know more and understand at a much deeper level than what meets the eye on the internet. Moreover, I am very grateful for my sound scientific background, on which I build my current insights.

Today, 20 years later from being diagnosed with systemic candidiasis, I feel better than ever before and ready to face the next 50 years of my life! It is my mission and passion to ‘reform’ the health industry through my research work, but more so, to educate and support the general public so that they too can experience true health and vitality!


Justine Priday

I have always been interested in healthy eating, for as long as I can remember, but I first became seriously interested in health and nutrition when I watched my mom suffer from cancer. I started to explore what made a person sick and what made a person healthy.

I began to experience my own health challenges, including PCOS, parasites and adrenal fatigue, before feeling so terrible that I decided to visit a nutritionist who did many tests and was shocked to see the ill health of my body. My mind suffered a lot too, and I came to see the connection between mind and body, first hand.

After many years, I look back on that time as if it was another life.  Coupled with my studies, it is this first hand experience that has given me the patience and empathy to work with people, and to provide hope to others, because I know that anything is possible.