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Heidi du Preez would love to help you! She believes that one should treat the ‘person’, not the disease. There is no magic pill or ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Through extensive clinical analysis, biochemical and/or genetic testing, Heidi works out a personalised protocol, addressing the underlying root causes of disease. She therefore tailor treatment protocols to be individualised and preventative, instead of being generalised and reactionary. 

Heidi does not believe in recommending or following a specific diet fad, preferring her own tailor-made health discipline, incorporating concepts which are relevant to her scientific background as well as her holistic approach. Heidi does not ‘practice what she preaches’, but rather ‘preach what she practices’. She follows the philosophy of simplicity and returning to the basics of good food, good thoughts and good health.

Areas of specialisation: Integrative Oncology, Environmental Illness, heavy metal toxicity, digestive disorders, mood and neurological diseases and systemic Candidiasis.

Packages offered:

Health Transformation

Family Package

Health Assessment

Services provided:

• Nutritional protocols
• Supplement protocols
• Lifestyle management
• Biochemical testing using International Laboratories
• Genetic testing – Advanced Methylation gene panel and more
• Stool analysis
• Referral to specialists
• Newsletter and closed-group client Facebook updates

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