One day Solo Cleanse and Detoxification with Yolande

This is the beginning of a great start in your life!

Consultations about the benefits – how to reboot and rejuvenate! This journey with me will last 4 hours depending on flow.

2 x Organic, Seasonal and Cold Pressed Juices, 2 x Wheatgrass – tini’s, 2 x Vegetable Broth, Herbal Teas and Elixirs Pre – Preparation via e-mail, after care, advise, Motivation & Information, Rife Treatment – 30 minutes, Body Cleanse 30 minutes, Chi Nei Tsang massage (abdominal massage) 90 minutes. All above - March 2019 Special =  R1,250

“For millennia humans have fasted for spiritual, emotional and physical reasons – as a way to heal their bodies, reconnect to the sacred, regain a sense of life’s purpose, and allow their souls to detoxify.  We are evolutionally designed to fast, and the body knows how to do it very well. 

Fasting allows the body and all its systems to rest, purify and heal.  During a fast, the body enters the same cleansing and healing cycle it normally enters during sleep.  As a fast progress, the body consumes everything that is not essential to bodily functioning – including bacteria, viruses, fibroid tumours, waste products in the blood, build up around the joints and stored fat – and the mind and heart release their toxic build up as well.  

Rive Treatment - a gentle treatment that generates resonance waves that is transmitted via handheld electrodes to the body. By creating a negative polarity, electromagnetic waves negate the reproductive ability of viruses, bacteria and parasites in the body or destroy the pathogens outright.

Body Cleanse – is an Electromagnetic energy treatment, placing your feet in warm water with an “ionator” that un-cluster the plasma proteins in the blood and assist in removing toxins.  You will feel lighter and more energetic after a session.

Chi Nei Tsang – detoxifies, restructures and strengthens the body. While focussing mainly on the abdomen, specifically the organs and intestines, the entire body and existence of the treated person are affected.  All systems of the body are addressed, including lymphatic, digestion, respiration, nervous and reproductive systems as well as the immune system.

The One Day fast is designed to get you started, assist in preventing disease, build confidence, reboot and rejuvenate!

Please contact me via e-mail to book your place or cell: 078 03 6087 or whatsapp for more information. Capri/Noordhoek in Cape Town.