My dream home

My dream home is a Living Eco Home, filled with green plants, sunlight and warmth. An off-the-grid water sustainable home.  I will soon make this dream a reality!

Thanks to a client of mine, Alosha Lynov, who is an eco engineer, innovator, builder and teacher, this dream is reachable! He gets his inspiration from Nature and will assist in building our Eco home without an architect or contractor involved.

This dream is achievable for you too! 

Alosha recorded and organised step-by-step footage of building a Living Eco Home  into an online Living Eco Home Master Class . As an invitation to his training Alosha shares a complimentary eco home webinar on how to:

  • Build a wetland to treat grey water, without mozzies or smell
  • Passively heat and cool a home without fire or air conditioning
  • Lessen electromagnetic radiation and avoid geopathic stress zones
  • Use shapes and colours to affect well-being
  • Build and thrive in eco communities

Living Eco Home

Imagine....   living in a house that costs you nothing to heat or cool
Imagine...    building this home yourself
Imagine...    growing vegetables and fruits all year around in this home
Imagine...    no utility bills
Imagine...    easily available "limitless natural resources" to build this type of home
Imagine...    a more earth-friendly civilisation
Imagine...    a Living Eco Home

Let us stop dreaming and make this a reality



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