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At myHealing we support sustainability. Health starts with Agriculture - the health of our soil and availability of resources. Water is life! Water is not only becoming a scarce resource, but also more expensive by the day. One of my clients, Alosha, has managed to get his house completely off the water grid. There are real opportunities for South Africa to lead Africa in the transition towards a water-smart economy, with new technologies and enterprise innovations that ensure our water security. But we need to take decisive steps now, and not wait until the next drought.

Alosha Lynov is a Russian / South African who is tackling our water crisis head on. After 9 years of travelling the world to some of the top ecological water experts, he took his home completely off the water grid in the middle of Johannesburg without the use of ancient borehole water.
He has just opened the registrations to his practical and detailed step by step online course: Abundance of Water online eco Academy

This course will assist you to get your entire home off the municipal water grid through a variety of fun weekend projects. You will learn how to:

  • Harvest rain from roof & pavement as well as in the ground using earthworks and mulch;
  • Build your own discrete and gorgeous water reservoirs;
  • Construct from start to finish, in 20 hours and under R2000, a Biochar filter that treats city rain, at the rate of 300 litres per day, into spring water
  • Pressurise and deliver filtered water to your house;
  • Easily construct a wetland that will treat bath and shower waste into usable and storable water for garden irrigation and flushing of toilets;
  • Build you own food growing machine on a palette that produces 150 organic vegetables using worms that eat kitchen waste and grey water

Alosha's projects are designed for inexperienced users on a low budget. Each project is guided with theory and practical so you will be able to replicate them in your garden and home. No experience necessary. So if you’re in or want to double check it’s right for you - click here

NB: Because it is an online course, you can study it anytime, anywhere and take as long as you wish to complete.

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